environment control system


Greenhouse in Westland,  area with the highest concentration of greenhouses in Netherlands

Semi-closed glass greenhouse

Triple screen, ceiling scattering glass, and double-layered glass are used to optimize the growth environment, increase production, reduce costs, and block harmful factors, increasing profits by 15-30% compared to general greenhouses.

Aerial view of greenhouse area with vegetables

Roof covering

The light transmittance of the roof covering is especially important in greenhouses where horticultural crops are grown, and you can choose a diffuser glass that plays an effective role as a covering.


Opening system

The roof and screen that require precise opening can be properly controlled the internal environment of the greenhouse by using the RPD motor for vinyl greenhouses.

Screen system

The Pull-wire and Slip-In systems provide innovative solutions to improve light transmission and sealing.

5. 포밍시스템

Fogging system

It is an advanced agricultural system that optimizes the growth status of crops by detecting various environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and illuminance in real time.

LED lighting system

Philips LED plant lights provide wavelengths that are tailored to each crop, in addition to natural light, to improve crop quality and increase crop yields during the winter.

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