Smart Farm Solution

Growing Local Expanding Worldwide

Fusion of Smart Farming Technology and Innovative Construction Methods
Jumping into the Tech Construction in Agricultural Field


Smart Farm Solution

Super Flavor, Quality, Commercial Scale

A spectrum of flavors that you have never experienced before
A creative company that produces healthy and delicious vegetables and fruits
(tomatoes, European vegetables)


Smart Farm Solution

Food Life Curator, Food Life Business

Import of Southeast Asian fruits and domestic farm households
Competitive prices and fresh food distribution that is alive with the freshness of nature


Smart Farm Solution

Meet the Global World of Horticulture

Innovative agricultural experience with market stability, reliability,
and economic and productivity
through high-quality facilities and machinery from global brands.


Smart Farm Solution

Developing new varieties and High-quality seeds

Increase production efficiency and sustainability.
Develop a variety of seeds and breeding that is resistant to viruses and pests in drug cultivation.


Smart Farm Solution

Waste Zero, Net Zero

Research on the introduction of energy sources to achieve carbon neutrality and energy efficiency.
Build a stable production system for agricultural crops.

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